New Husqvarna CEORA, all the info from a project insider.

As announced today (Tuesday 22nd of June 2021), Husqvarna is about to launch a new platform called the CEORA. It is a sort of Automower but on steroid! As an official “CEORA expert” insider, here is all you need to know.

For the last few years, Husqvarna really focused on the development of their professional products line, with the latest example being the EPOS system, a GPS guidance system that allows you to run the automower without any boundary wire. But today, Husqvarna made a big step forward in the professional world with the CEORA, the first fully designed automower for the professional, and it’s a BIG new (really, the robot it’s big!).

The CEORA in a few points:

  • What is the CEORA?

CEORA is the product name of the latest platform from Husqvarna. Similar to the principle of the automower but unlike the conventional one; which are a shy 13kilos with a 50cm of cutting disc, capable to mow up to 5000m², the CEORA is a beast of 70 kilos, with a 1,08 meters cutting disc, for a total mowing capacity of 50.000m² with a pro quality, or up to 75.000m² for a more general quality!!

To achieve this number, the robot can now mow in a systemic pattern not a chaotic pattern like the traditional automower. In simple words, it mows stripes!

  • How to install the CEORA?

Similar to the latest automower 550, the CEORA will be equipped with the EPOS guidance technology. Meaning it doesn’t require installation of any boundary wires.

Using your cell phone, you will be able to drive the mower around the desired location to create a virtual boundary. Advantages of the EPOS, you can now create up to 20 different working areas and 50 different mowing schedules.

The different working areas can be mowed at different cutting heights from 20 to 70mm first, with an e-step of 1mm.

  • Size, look and cutting deck?

As an insider of the project, I am one of the first non-Husqvarna employees to be able to present and pose with the actual robot! In terms of size, the robot itself isn’t that big, because the front deck ISN’T part of the robot! Yes, the front deck is independent, which means it will be possible to swap it with different accessories in the future, such as a lower height of cut deck for fairways (to come in 2023), but also a ball picking tool or a lawn striper… More and more accessories will be develop by Husqvarna over time.

  • Maintenance and swaping:

Both the maintenance and swapping of the decks are really easy operations. You simply need to flip a lever to unlock the maintenance position and lift the front deck using the handle, giving you immediate access to the 3 cuttings heads.

To help keeping the robot operational, a new pairs of rotating brushes on the rear wheels has been installed.

  • Obstacle detection:

Unlike the conventional automower who are detecting obstacle by operating a touch and go, the CEORA will use its sonar to detect the obstacle, stop before it and proceed to a 90 degrees turn before resuming mowing operations.

  • Availability:

At first two models of the CEORA will be available, the 544 EPOS and the 546EPOS. Release expected to be in first quarter of 2022.


The model 544 will start at: 20.000€
The model 546 will start at: 23.000€

Required reference station: 1000€

Those price are excluding VAT.

  • A robot ready for golf?

Sadly, the “golf cutting deck” is not expected to be ready before 2023. In 2022, at launch, you will be able to use the robot to mow semi-rough and higher areas on your course.

I will of course keep you in touch with the development of the golf version

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