Automower Part 11: Future of the Automower.

This is part 11 of the series “Automower”, click here to read the “Part 1: Introduction to the Automower”.

Last article of a long series about the automower, here is a quick recap on what Husqvarna is working:

  1. The EPOS system:

The EPOS system is the commercial designation of the wireless technology by Husqvarna. Currently it’s in a test phase and only available for the 550 and 520 models. The EPOS robots are due to hit the market in 2021. Utilizing a stationary base antenna, an RTK (Real Time Kinectic) signal, the EPOS allows the user to install the automower anywhere, without the need of a boundary wire. The charging station though still require a power source, however with the EPOS, you can create an unlimited number of zones, obstacles and even redesign your fairway in the matter of a few minutes.

The installation of the EPOS automower is done via smartphone with the option called “walk the dog”. Like a remote, you can control the robot and draw the virtual boundary of the working area. You can even have multiple robots mowing the same area! The possibilities are endless!

The accuracy of the EPOS is yet unknown, and one limitation of the installation is that the antenna has only a range of 500 meters yet. Meaning you will need more than onc to cover your course.

2. The CEORA:

CEORA is the first professional focused robot of Husqvarna. Unveiled only few weeks ago, the CEORA is A BEAST.

  • 50,000m² or 12acres: Using a systemic mowing pattern, the CEORA is expected to reach up to 50,000m²! Although it is not sure yet if this is an achievable range for high quality sports turf. One thing is sure, one robot will be able to cover an entire hole!
  • Systemic pattern: just stripes!
  • Wireless: Based on the same technology of the EPOS, the CEORA will be using an RTK signal.
  • Different heights of cut: You will be able to set different zones with different heights of cut, and schedules. You now can mow fairways, fringes, and semi-roughs with a unique robot!

The CEORA has just recently been announced, with tests to debut in 2021 and market entry in 2022.

Thanks for reading all the way through this ultimate guide to the Automower!
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